Your electric memories package will be custom designed to deliver the experience and creative elements

that best tell your story and fit your budget.  

Your electric memories package will be custom designed to deliver the experience and creative elements that best tell your story and fit your budget.  

  • After a structured planning session, we conduct a series of interviews, pausing between each to review what we have and where we want to go.
  • Initial sessions focus on facts and familiar stories and memories. Then we go deeper to draw out meaning and learnings from the defining moments and passages of your life. 
  • Your electric memories are documented, recorded, edited, then packaged across multiple media for permanent storage, access, and sharing.  Text and audio packages start at $4,950. Packages including video start at $6,950.
  • In the beginning is the word. All audio, video, animation, and social media draws from the transcribed interviews. We provide a full transcript  with edited stories shared in several formats.
  • We work with you to edit your memories into a PDF, an ebook, paperback and hardcover books, and magazine-length articles on or the long-form platform of your choice. 
  • Interested in a book-length project similar to Six Days at Ronnie Scott’s?  Want to include conversations with important people in your life? Brian has years of experience publishing books with oral histories in a variety of creative forms.
  • Defining moments will be selected from the interview and edited into shareable YouTube videos with a template and recommended copy for social media posts. 
  • Additional defining moments, onsite video production teams, animation and post-production of photos and related media are available you.
  • Max Sanderson, a British documentarian with a decade of film-making experience, will work with you to envision your choice of short- or long-form video options. Your life is cinematic. Share it with the world. 
  • The full interview will be posted as an audio program on SoundCloud.  You can choose an uncut version of your interviews, an edited series of short form audio clips, or both. We  provide custom production and distribution solutions. 
  • You have full use rights for a podcast or reposting on YouTube or other platforms.  We help you distribute on the platforms of your choosing. 
  • You own copyright of all assets and will be given all edited and unedited files at the conclusion of the process.
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